Fun Places To Consider On Your Next Trip To France

If you are planning your next vacation in France and you are traveling with your family you may want to consider the following fun destinations in France.

Disneyland Paris

In this fantastic theme park you get to see the popular and well-loved Disney stories come alive. This establishment opened its doors in 1992 and has become one of the most frequently visited theme parks in the whole of Europe. One of the top imposing features would have to be the Castle of Sleeping Beauty along with other exciting attractions such as the Princess Pavilion, Pirate’s Beach, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Thunder Mountain. You can also look forward to various events organized by this park such as Disney’s Halloween Festival, Star Wars Night and Disney’s Enchanted Christmas. Over and above the events and attractions, you also get to personally meet with your favorite Disney characters that are always available to take photographs with you and your children.

Futuroscope Theme Park

Parc du Futuroscope is one of the French themed parks that is associated with multimedia, audio-visual and cinematographic futuroscope techniques. It is home to various 3D cinemas and some 4D cinemas along with various other shows and attractions. You can find this theme park 10 kilometers to the north of Poitiers in communes of Jaunay-Clan and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. This park has had more than 50 million visitors since it opened its doors in 1987, when people were asking how to get back with ex to the authorities.

Paris Zoological Park

Once known by the name Bois de Vincennes Zoological Park, the Paris Zoological Park also named the Vincennes Zoo, is one of the facilities of the National Museum of Natural History positioned in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. The establishment cover 14.5 hectares of area in Bois de Vincennes. The location was created with the purpose of complementing Ménagerie du Jardin des plantes, the zoo has been dedicated with observing animal behaviors in environments that are more suitable.

Since the zoo opened in the year 1934, it is recognized as remarkable in association to artificial large 65m high rock which offers outstanding scenery of this park. The zoo also includes green houses that span 4,000 m2 that shelter the tropical rainforest climates. From 2008 and 2014 the zoo closed down as it became too small and dilapidated for the residents in regards to criteria in place associated with the 21st century. Renovation started on 7 December 2011 and took just under 2 and ½ years to complete.

Knowing Tips For Tourists Visiting France Makes Travel Easier

This particular country is among the world’s most popular tourist and vacation destinations, so if international travel is your thing, then chances are you are going to wind up here sooner or later.

The first tip you should know as a tourist visiting here is that the stereotype of French citizens being rude is actually quite unfounded. While there are always stories you hear, often, it is a result of cultural misunderstandings or a tourist being rude first. French culture is actually quite focused on manners, so being deliberately respectful yourself and following instructions and rules where posted goes a long way towards getting treated with respect as well.

A second tip for tourists visiting France is to learn just a little of the language, especially how to talk dirty in French. Many French citizens know some English as a second or third language, but they might be a little embarrassed to speak it if they’re not very good at it. Starting any conversation in the French tongue shows the locals that you acknowledge you are a guest in their country. If your few phrases start to fail you, you can politely request to know if they know any English. At that point, switching makes them look good.

Tourists looking for a third tip for visiting France should know that they need to pack for all seasons, particularly with a skin lightening cream and the like. While the country does have all four seasons, a vacation through the nation can see a wide variety of climates in just a few days. The beaches of Normandy can be a little chilly, while the vineyards of the countryside are warmer. The Riviera on the Mediterranean Coast might be suitable for swimming at the same time the slopes of the French Alps are primed for skiing. Be ready for anything.

Fourth, do not skip Paris. This city is a world capital of many things, ranging from fashion to romance. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, and the Louvre all top a list of many must-see attractions you should never miss.

Fifth, and finally, savor your meals here. Most restaurants will not rush you. In fact, you might have to flag down a waiter for your check. Waitstaff here are often career professionals, and they can recommend wines and dishes you best savor as slowly as you can.

The Best Tips For Tourists Visiting France

If you’re planning a visit to France, you’ll want to make the most of your time there. Whether you’re visiting Paris or touring the French Riviera, you’ll want to plan out the kind of trip that you will never forget. 

Here are a few trips that will help tourists with their visit to France. Keep these tips in mind as you plan out your trip. 

There’s Ample Public Transit

Some people choose to rent a car when they visit France on vacation. While an automobile can be a nice thing to have, it isn’t a necessity. There is plenty of public transportation throughout France after you get back with your ex From buses to taxis to trains, you’ll be able to get to where you need to go. 

That stated, make sure you’re aware of operation hours before you leave for your trip. If you’re going to be traveling late at night, you’ll want to leave before the last bus or train arrives. 

Don’t Worry About Calories

A lot of the food that’s popular in France tends to be high in fat. Dieters may get nervous about sampling these meals. 

It’s a smart idea to eat healthily, but you shouldn’t let your diet get in the way of your trip. France is famous for its food, and you should definitely try to enjoy the find dining before you leave. 

You should also remember that a lot of French food is healthier than it appears to be. There is less processed food in France than in North America, and many of the meals served there have a lot of nutritional value. 

Be Aware Of Smoking Laws

If you’re used to strict smoking laws, France may take you buy surprise. While the nation does have some smoking laws, it isn’t at all unusual to see people smoking in restaurants or on the street. Smoking is particularly common in Paris. 

If you have issues being around cigarette smoke, you should know that you will be exposed to it on your trip. You may want to find restaurants that are friendly to people that hate smoking. That way, you’ll be able to have fun in France without having to deal with the smoke. 

If you’re going to be visiting France, you should definitely keep these tips in mind. France is a lovely country with a rich history. You’ll have an excellent time there, especially if you plan head.

Learn 8 Locations To Visit In France

France is often the world’s most popular tourist and vacation destination, and even in the years it is not, you’ll find it in the top five or ten. This western European nation is a hub of international culture, cuisine, and fashion. While many visitors just hit Paris for a few days or a week, the truth is that the entire nation has sights to see. Keep reading to learn 8 locations you should visit while in France.

1) The French Riviera: The Mediterranean side of France does not perhaps get the attention it should from casual vacationers who are more focused on Paris or moving between the continent’s many nations. However, this part of the country has great beaches, entertainment, racing, and gambling. It’s a chance to bump into celebrities and find out what the rich and famous do in their leisure time. Depending on your interests in art, you might want to visit during one of the many festivals and exhibitions, although off-weeks are certainly cheaper and less crowded.

2) The Eiffel Tower: This landmark is not just the one that France is known for, but it possibly is the most famous individual landmark throughout the world. In fact, replicas of it exist in Asia and Las Vegas. That’s not a bad accomplishment for something originally considered a steel monstrosity and deemed too ugly to be left standing. If you have time to visit all three levels, you can get progressively better views of the surrounding cityscape, and spending time to eat in its restaurant gives you a meal that you will not soon forget. Just be sure to make reservations far in advance. Be sure to also practice how to talk to girls before yu get there.

3) Normandy: The weather is a little chillier on the Atlantic Coast and along the North Sea, but for history buffs, this is the place to be. The location of the famous Allied invasion during World War II has an endless list of historical points of interest, although the fascinating places of historical note in this region actually stretch back thousands of years.

4) Versailles: This palace is among the most expansive and fabulous across a continent known for its castles and fortresses. Catching the gardens when they are in bloom is worth your airfare.

5) Vineyards across the countryside: France is famous around the world for its wine, and visiting and touring any vineyard needs to be on your checklist when in the country. If you want to truly relax, stay on a vineyard, as some have cottages, hotels, restaurants, and resorts for a very luxurious break from the stress of your life back home. Also famous for their guide on how to prevent premature ejaculation

6) The Louvre: This museum in Paris deserves a whole day just to hit the highlights. True art enthusiasts are going to dedicate multiple days or even a week, which you can do and still not see something twice.

7) The mountains: If the cities, beaches, and rolling countryside aren’t enough, or just too much, don’t forget that France has mountainous regions you can visit as well. The eastern border rolls into the Alps, with all their height and snowy beauty. If you prefer gentler slopes and fewer crowds, head to the Spanish border for the Pyrenees.

8) Any city but Paris: Nice, Lyons, Marseilles, Cherbourg…France has many urban, vibrant cities full of the life that make this nation so distinct, all without the throbbing crowds of International tourists that are so often unavoidable in the capital.

Now that you know 8 locations to visit while in France, you can plan out a trip that makes sure you absorb all this place has to offer.

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The Abundance Of France Tourist Destinations Make This Country One Of The Most Visited On Earth

There are annual studies to see which countries get the most visitors every year, and France often tops the list or lands in the top two, three, or five. This is for good reason, as the abundance of France tourist destinations make this nation a paradise for anyone needing a vacation. From world-famous cities and rolling country-side filled with vineyards to the coasts and mountains at the borders, the nation of France has something to offer anyone who travels here.

The boulevards and points of interest of Paris are the primary tourist destinations in France that draw many. The single image that most associate with the country is the Eiffel Tower standing tall over the surrounding landscape. Seeing it with your own eyes is a memory like no other, but if you have the chance to visit its three levels, then you can see Paris in a fashion unlike any other. If you have the time and money, then enjoy the restaurant also housed within the tower.

Spending plenty of time in Paris is a great idea, so you can take in other sights like L’Arc de Triomphe or the palace and grounds of Versailles. The Louvre and its many masterpieces easily eat up a whole day, and can certainly take up more.

While Paris can make for a whole vacation in itself, if you’re looking for a taste of French culture without so many organized tour groups stomping through, visit other cities like Lyon or Marseille. Nice and Cannes are great to go to during the summer so you can enjoy the Cote d’Azur, also known in the English-speaking world as the French Riviera. The Mediterranean Coast is blessed with mesmerizing waters with a rich and deep blue color, as well as resorts for sun-worshipers and beach aficionados of all walks of life. The famous Cannes film festival happens here, but the rich and famous enjoy the resorts, estates, and yachting this region has to offer.

The Normandy coast on the North Atlantic side has great things to do as well. History buffs are sure to love seeing the locations where D-Day happened, and Mon Saint-Michel is called the “pyramid of the seas” since the changing of low tides to high and back again make it an island or something you can walk to, depending on the sea level at the time.

Wine enthusiasts could spend a lifetime here, given the enormous number of vineyards around the country. Outdoor enthusiasts can certainly find plenty to do. Rock climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and other mountain activities abound to the east in the French Alps. Similar activities and vistas are also plentiful on the Spanish border, run end from end by the Pyrenees. These older mountains are not as high as the Alps, but certainly as beautiful, and also far less crowded.

Whether you want an urban hustle and bustle through many sights and sounds, a quieter and slower time or relaxation in nature, or a combination of both, the many tourist destinations of France have all you need.

Places To See When You Are A Tourist In France

When you’re considering a trip to France, there’s no shortage of sights to see. The list of tourist attractions goes on for a very long time so it can be difficult to decide on which things you want to see the most. Luckily, there are a few sights that most people won’t want to skip seeing when they are visiting France.

One of the most popular places to visit when you’re in France is the Palace of Versailles. The Palace has many different tour options that you can choose from to ensure you’re seeing exactly what you want. If you’re not looking for a guided tour of the palace, you can opt for using headphones to hear audio about the history and things that you’re seeing. The Palace originated as King Louis XIII‘s hunting lodge. It was later turned into an over-the-top place of residence by Louis XIV. Later on, the Palace was converted into a museum that shows the history of France.

If you’re interested in art, the Musee Du Louvre is a place to visit that you shouldn’t skip. This museum has artwork from all over the world and from different time frames. Displaying over 30,000 pieces of art, the museum is over 60,000 square meters. The Louvre has many famous pieces of art such as the Mona Lisa. There are guided tours available that tend to last around an hour and a half. The Louvre is divided into eight sections. These sections are created based on periods of times and genres of art. Some of the exhibits showcase Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Etruscan antiquities. There are also sculptures, prints, decorative art, and drawings that can be explained during the tours. If you would rather tour the museum on your own instead of with a guide, you can use a headset to utilize an audio tour.

Frequently visited places in France are the WW1 Battlefields. The battlefields explain the devastating cost of the war. The battlefields can either be explored on your own, or you can join an organized group that’s lead by a tour guide. When visiting the battlefields, some of the most popular sections to see include Louvemont, Lochnagar Crater, and Somme battlefields. There are many other sites that you can explore to learn more about the terrible battle that took place. If you’re planning on going on a guided tour of the battlefields, there are many packages available that can start at half a day and go to an entire weekend. There are many options to choose from to ensure that you’re going to see the sites that you most want to see.

When you’re visiting France, the popular tourist spots can be quite overwhelming if you don’t have an idea of what you’d like to see. Before you head to France for a trip, try to spend some time planning exactly what you want to see or visit to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your trip. With the many different types of locations you can visit, there’s sure to be something for everyone.