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Knowing Tips For Tourists Visiting France Makes Travel Easier

This particular country is among the world’s most popular tourist and vacation destinations, so if international travel is your thing, then chances are you are going to wind up here sooner or later.

The first tip you should know as a tourist visiting here is that the stereotype of French citizens being rude is actually quite unfounded. While there are always stories you hear, often, it is a result of cultural misunderstandings or a tourist being rude first. French culture is actually quite focused on manners, so being deliberately respectful yourself and following instructions and rules where posted goes a long way towards getting treated with respect as well.

A second tip for tourists visiting France is to learn just a little of the language, especially how to talk dirty in French. Many French citizens know some English as a second or third language, but they might be a little embarrassed to speak it if they’re not very good at it. Starting any conversation in the French tongue shows the locals that you acknowledge you are a guest in their country. If your few phrases start to fail you, you can politely request to know if they know any English. At that point, switching makes them look good.

Tourists looking for a third tip for visiting France should know that they need to pack for all seasons, particularly with a skin lightening cream and the like. While the country does have all four seasons, a vacation through the nation can see a wide variety of climates in just a few days. The beaches of Normandy can be a little chilly, while the vineyards of the countryside are warmer. The Riviera on the Mediterranean Coast might be suitable for swimming at the same time the slopes of the French Alps are primed for skiing. Be ready for anything.

Fourth, do not skip Paris. This city is a world capital of many things, ranging from fashion to romance. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, and the Louvre all top a list of many must-see attractions you should never miss.

Fifth, and finally, savor your meals here. Most restaurants will not rush you. In fact, you might have to flag down a waiter for your check. Waitstaff here are often career professionals, and they can recommend wines and dishes you best savor as slowly as you can.

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