Learn 8 Locations To Visit In France

France is often the world’s most popular tourist and vacation destination, and even in the years it is not, you’ll find it in the top five or ten. This western European nation is a hub of international culture, cuisine, and fashion. While many visitors just hit Paris for a few days or a week, the truth is that the entire nation has sights to see. Keep reading to learn 8 locations you should visit while in France.

1) The French Riviera: The Mediterranean side of France does not perhaps get the attention it should from casual vacationers who are more focused on Paris or moving between the continent’s many nations. However, this part of the country has great beaches, entertainment, racing, and gambling. It’s a chance to bump into celebrities and find out what the rich and famous do in their leisure time. Depending on your interests in art, you might want to visit during one of the many festivals and exhibitions, although off-weeks are certainly cheaper and less crowded.

2) The Eiffel Tower: This landmark is not just the one that France is known for, but it possibly is the most famous individual landmark throughout the world. In fact, replicas of it exist in Asia and Las Vegas. That’s not a bad accomplishment for something originally considered a steel monstrosity and deemed too ugly to be left standing. If you have time to visit all three levels, you can get progressively better views of the surrounding cityscape, and spending time to eat in its restaurant gives you a meal that you will not soon forget. Just be sure to make reservations far in advance. Be sure to also practice¬†how to talk to girls before yu get there.

3) Normandy: The weather is a little chillier on the Atlantic Coast and along the North Sea, but for history buffs, this is the place to be. The location of the famous Allied invasion during World War II has an endless list of historical points of interest, although the fascinating places of historical note in this region actually stretch back thousands of years.

4) Versailles: This palace is among the most expansive and fabulous across a continent known for its castles and fortresses. Catching the gardens when they are in bloom is worth your airfare.

5) Vineyards across the countryside: France is famous around the world for its wine, and visiting and touring any vineyard needs to be on your checklist when in the country. If you want to truly relax, stay on a vineyard, as some have cottages, hotels, restaurants, and resorts for a very luxurious break from the stress of your life back home. Also famous for their guide on how to prevent premature ejaculation

6) The Louvre: This museum in Paris deserves a whole day just to hit the highlights. True art enthusiasts are going to dedicate multiple days or even a week, which you can do and still not see something twice.

7) The mountains: If the cities, beaches, and rolling countryside aren’t enough, or just too much, don’t forget that France has mountainous regions you can visit as well. The eastern border rolls into the Alps, with all their height and snowy beauty. If you prefer gentler slopes and fewer crowds, head to the Spanish border for the Pyrenees.

8) Any city but Paris: Nice, Lyons, Marseilles, Cherbourg…France has many urban, vibrant cities full of the life that make this nation so distinct, all without the throbbing crowds of International tourists that are so often unavoidable in the capital.

Now that you know 8 locations to visit while in France, you can plan out a trip that makes sure you absorb all this place has to offer.

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