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The Abundance Of France Tourist Destinations Make This Country One Of The Most Visited On Earth

There are annual studies to see which countries get the most visitors every year, and France often tops the list or lands in the top two, three, or five. This is for good reason, as the abundance of France tourist destinations make this nation a paradise for anyone needing a vacation. From world-famous cities and rolling country-side filled with vineyards to the coasts and mountains at the borders, the nation of France has something to offer anyone who travels here.

The boulevards and points of interest of Paris are the primary tourist destinations in France that draw many. The single image that most associate with the country is the Eiffel Tower standing tall over the surrounding landscape. Seeing it with your own eyes is a memory like no other, but if you have the chance to visit its three levels, then you can see Paris in a fashion unlike any other. If you have the time and money, then enjoy the restaurant also housed within the tower.

Spending plenty of time in Paris is a great idea, so you can take in other sights like L’Arc de Triomphe or the palace and grounds of Versailles. The Louvre and its many masterpieces easily eat up a whole day, and can certainly take up more.

While Paris can make for a whole vacation in itself, if you’re looking for a taste of French culture without so many organized tour groups stomping through, visit other cities like Lyon or Marseille. Nice and Cannes are great to go to during the summer so you can enjoy the Cote d’Azur, also known in the English-speaking world as the French Riviera. The Mediterranean Coast is blessed with mesmerizing waters with a rich and deep blue color, as well as resorts for sun-worshipers and beach aficionados of all walks of life. The famous Cannes film festival happens here, but the rich and famous enjoy the resorts, estates, and yachting this region has to offer.

The Normandy coast on the North Atlantic side has great things to do as well. History buffs are sure to love seeing the locations where D-Day happened, and Mon Saint-Michel is called the “pyramid of the seas” since the changing of low tides to high and back again make it an island or something you can walk to, depending on the sea level at the time.

Wine enthusiasts could spend a lifetime here, given the enormous number of vineyards around the country. Outdoor enthusiasts can certainly find plenty to do. Rock climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and other mountain activities abound to the east in the French Alps. Similar activities and vistas are also plentiful on the Spanish border, run end from end by the Pyrenees. These older mountains are not as high as the Alps, but certainly as beautiful, and also far less crowded.

Whether you want an urban hustle and bustle through many sights and sounds, a quieter and slower time or relaxation in nature, or a combination of both, the many tourist destinations of France have all you need.

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